Daily Dose – Introduction to 1 Peter

As we begin our daily walk through 1 Peter, we must begin with some introductory questions. When did Peter write this? What was going on in his life? What sort of themes did he address? And, how can this apply to us?

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(The first in a daily series of short lessons. Recorded on March 30, 2020.)

The Blessings of Heaven

In such uncertain times it is important to remember the promises of God, one of the most important of which is heaven. What are some of the incredible blessings of heaven we are promised?

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(I didn’t start recording until part of the way through. This sermon was preached for the Dewey Church of Christ on March 29, 2020.)

Is This The End?

COVID-19 has swept the world. Is this a sign of the End Times? How would we even know? And what would that change?

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(Prerecorded for people to use on Sunday, March, 2020. We live in interesting times. Because this was not actually preached, I have no idea how it will seem. It’s just me talking into a mic.)

The Christian Ethos in Crisis

This past week, COVID-19 really started impacting our country. It has been sweeping the globe for a while now. As the world starts to simultaneously panic and lock down, how should Christians respond? What should we be thinking and feeling? How should we act? Fortunately, God is not silent about what He expects from His people.

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(This sermon was preached at the Dewey Church of Christ on March 15, 2020.)