Daily Dose – Prophesied Salvation (1 Peter 1:10-12)

At the end of his introduction, Peter brings up an interesting idea concerning the prophets of old, and their relationship to Christians living in the “last days”. As such Christians, what should we learn from this text?

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(Part of a daily walk through 1 Peter. Recorded on April 2, 2020.)

Preaching Through John – The Hand of God (John 11:45-12:8)

We know that God works in the world, but what does that actually mean? How does He move in the lives of people to accomplish His will? In John 11-12, we gain a little bit of insight into the answer to that question, as we see the inner workings of the gospel plan in motion.

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(Preaching through the gospel of John. This sermon was preached at the Dewey Church of Christ on December 18, 2016.)